Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show

*We recommend booking through your cruise line to ensure availability and covered seating*



The Show – Get all your rowdy friends together and join in the Alaskan axe-tion in this amazing competition of skill and strength. The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show reflects upon southeast Alaska’s rich logging history and comes to life with thrilling displays of strength and agility.  These world champion athletes wearing spiked boots & hard hats compete in 12 athletic events that utilize seven-pound axes, six-foot razor sharp saws, tree climbing gaffs, and souped up chainsaws.  Your cheers will turn to roars of excitement as axes fly  through the air, men free fall from tall trees, and then run atop spinning logs floating in the water.  The show is held in a covered, heated, and cushioned grandstand that includes a rustic lodge gift shop and full concession.  This will be one hour of action, excitement, and laughs that is unique to all of Alaska.

Location – The Lumberjack show is located just 1 block from the cruise ship docks. (Click here for map)

Show Times – The show is 1 hour long and there are 3 – 5 shows daily. Show times vary daily.

Seating – Our seats are generally covered, heated, and cushioned so you can enjoy the Lumberjack show regardless of the weather. We offer general (unassigned) seating.

Handicap Accessible – Our show site is handicap accessible for walkers, wheelchairs, and electric scooters.

Rest Rooms – Voted best in Ketchikan!

Concessions – We do have concessions stands with popcorn, cookies, candy, soda & coffee.

Cancellations – Cancellations with a minimum of 24 hour notice will be given a full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours of the show and no-shows will be charged full price*. Contact us by phone, (907) 225-9050, or email, [email protected], to cancel.

*An exception will be made and full refund given within the 24 hour window if you are travelling on a cruise ship and the ship does not come into port as scheduled.

We reserve the right to implement priority seating in rare cases due to weather, acts of god, or unforeseen circumstances.