Timber, Totems, and Ketchikan Discovery

Enjoy an educational and rowdy good time in the heart of downtown.  Begin at “The Rock” monument learning about how Ketchikan, Alaska’s First City, came to be and have a photo stop at the “Welcome to Ketchikan Arch”.  Continue to the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, where you discover Alaska’s temperate rainforest and learn about the beauty, diversity, and history of the Tongass National Forest on a narrated tour.  From brown bears prowling the old growth to fisherman plying the inside passage in search of salmon, you will get to see what makes the “Last Frontier” so unique.  Enjoy high-definition films showcasing the hard-working people and natural wonders of southeast Alaska.

After learning about Ketchikan and the Tongass National Forest, join us at the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show celebrating a bygone era.  Southeast Alaska’s rich logging history comes to life with thrilling displays of strength and agility.  These world champion athletes wearing spiked boots & hard hats compete in 12 athletic events that utilize seven-pound axes, six-foot razor-sharp saws, tree climbing gaffs, and souped up chainsaws.  Your cheers will turn to roars of excitement as axes fly through the air, men free fall from tall trees, and then run atop spinning logs floating in the water.  The show is held in a covered, heated, and cushioned grandstand that includes a rustic lodge gift shop and full concession.  This will be one hour of action, excitement, and laughs that is unique to all of Alaska.

*Ponchos will be provided if raining*