From Alaskan history and native culture to a culinary tasting, enjoy all aspects of what makes Ketchikan unique! Begin your tour with an action-packed performance at the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show where these world champion athletes wearing spiked boots and hard hats, compete in 12 athletic events that utilize seven-pound axes, six-foot razor-sharp saws, tree climbing gaffs, and souped-up chainsaws. Join us in Saxman Native Village for a culinary experience to learn all about Alaskan ingredients and their uses in a modern cooking environment. The culinary tasting will offer a unique setting to enhance your culinary knowledge and expand your palate with true Alaskan ingredients. The culinary demonstration is complemented by a cultural showcase of Alaska Native art, featuring a variety of priceless and historical pieces from the Cape Fox Corporation Native Art Collection.

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