Immerse yourself in living history by visiting Saxman Native Village for a look at the rich native culture of Southeast Alaska combined with the action-packed head-to-head lumberjack competition. At the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show, you will celebrate a bygone era as you see the logging history come to life with thrilling displays of strength and agility. Upon arrival at Saxman Native Village, a Tour Host will welcome you in the Tlingit dialect and direct you into the Beaver Clan House. Find a seat and prepare yourself for an elaborate display of traditional songs and dances performed by the Cape Fox Dancers. Through banging drums, infused aromas, lighting, native props, and regalia the songs will portray the stories about the fierce warrior men and women of the village. After the performance, your Tour Host will guide you through the canoe canopy for a background of canoe making and fishing along with the Carving Center for an up-close look at totem pole carving and paint making. The totem pole park is the last area to explore which includes detailed descriptions about the figures carved and cultural significance about each pole.

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